IMG_0954TP Food Processing, Inc.
Welcome to TP Food Processing, Inc.! 

Our vision is to provide ready to eat and made in the USA products with fresh local grown ingredients to make every meal a better and healthier one.  We are a family owned company and have over 35 years of experience in processing authentic Asian sauces from family recipes.  We have been in operation since 2012 in the heart of Little Saigon, Westminster, CA, by Lan-Anh the Founder of Thuan Phat Joint Stock Company – Viet Nam (TPJSC- VN) from 1982 – 2009 and her son Philip.

Thuan Phat JSC – VN was 1 of top 10 company in Vietnam for 10 years from 1998- 2008 and Thuan Phat JSC - VN had created and processed over 50 products.  Thuan Phat JSC-VN was one of the first company to receive the ISO 9001 certification.  

We resettled in the US, we have faced many challenges, but the love for food creation and keeping family recipes alive inspired us to open TP Food in 2012.  Our challenges had been understanding the rules and regulations to operate a food processing and manufacturing company in the US.  2017 had brought us our biggest challenge, but also brought us the strongest strength and determination to the company.  We are proud to have passed and obtained the essential certifications and licensing, like:

- Cannery License
- Food Processor
- Better Processing
- Acidified Foods

Currently, TP Food is the first company to provide made-in the USA authentic Asian sauces with the fresh ingredients from the US without artificial color and MSG.  "We strongly believe in making products that our own family can enjoy".  Our products include: Satay King, Shrimp Satay, Lemongrass Satay, Vietnamese Sour Soup, and Tamarind Sauce. Especially, in December 2017 we introduced our new brand “Vi Que” which include: Premium Fish Sauce with fish extract from Phu Quoc that’s processed and packaged in the USA, and Pepper Braised Sauce that can be prepared in 5 minutes for a traditional stew but it still caters to the Asian American taste.